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Abjectification  |  2018 

The title of the series encompasses a trio of meaning:

-Objectification: the act of treating a person as an object or a thing, an act of dehumanization.
-Abjection: the act of degrading; the condition of being degraded.
-The Abject: a stream that raises questions about how the gaze captures and recaptures the image of the body, expressed in the inherent aggression of stereotypical perceptions of gender and sexuality.

My recent works explore representations of the female body, with a particular emphasis on Paleolithic and Neolithic aesthetics, and on how these might facilitate and enhance an understanding of our present, especially with regard to the subjects of abuse, trauma, and healing. The thematic reproduction of goddess and feminine archetypes runs throughout my works. Through research and self-experimentation in the sculpting process of the female body, I created a series of sculptures and performance works that enabled me to manifest the healing power embodied by those archetypes, and in this way, to explore the potential of self-sculpting and the use of the artist's body as valuable resources for cultivating this power.


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