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I began to create The Earth Goddess series in the spring of 2018, when I was the Gabriola Arts Council artist-in-residency in British Columbia. Part of this effort consisted in creating works that disintegrated organically and leave no permanent mark in the natural environment, which signify my status as a visitor on this earth. 

My latest work had explored representations of the female body, particularly through the aesthetics of the Palaeolithic and Neolithic eras, and its current significance for understanding the status of femininity and womanhood today, both on a personal level as well as within the broader sociopolitical landscape.

Working with these idea, Ive been creating this sculptures with ephemeral nature,   in which I employ the methodology of channeling prehistoric figurine and goddess archetypes, using raw materials consisted with what the landscape provides me with.


These works are photographically curated in order to secure their permanence as artistic works, even though as material objects their essence is to be perishable.


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