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The Goddess Circle  |  2017-2018 

The Goddess Circle is a participatory art project that explores Paleolithic and Neolithic notions of femininity through cultural and artistic representations and their relationship to perceptions of women in a contemporary context, with a special focus on the salient theme of female abuse and trauma. Informed by a wealth of theoretical resources and by the aesthetic practices of prehistoric figurine art, this project conjoins my own experience with the experiences of participants from around the world, with the aim of equipping them to express their stories in a material form through common means and a shared, holistic medium. The Goddess Circle workshop provided the space and platform for realizing this intersubjective creative process, inviting the participants to join in critical discussions about the content and, most importantly, generating a community of voices capable of speaking a resounding message to the vital issue of female abuse and trauma today, and to the possibility of healing.

*This is an ongoing project that is open to all participants, regardless of sexual or gender orientation. Though its subject matter concerns female abuse and trauma specifically, all points of view and all interested contributors are welcome.


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